Comment Moderation Policy

On my home page, as related to comments on this site I state: “Just don’t be an asshat. See the comment moderation policy for more details on what constitutes asshattery.”

What is an asshat? According to Oxford Dictionaries:


Syllabification: ass·hat

Definition of asshat in English:


North American vulgar slang

A stupid or contemptible person.


  • The group is obviously a bunch of lawyer happy asshats.
  • This guy has kind of built a career for himself playing hyperactive asshats with cartoonish expressions.
  • I’ve learned that the percentage of good people to asshats are the same no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Asshattery, therefore, is acting like an asshat.

Asshattery includes but is not limited to:

  • Racism, sexism, and hate speech
  • Flames and/or abusive behavior
    • Disagreements will occur and are fine. Let’s just keep it civil and play nice.
  • Frequently attempting to sell your material or anything else
    • I want you to publicize your successes. Be tactful about it.
  • Trolling
  • Any other action I deem asshat-ish

In general, if you wouldn’t do it or say it face to face with another person, don’t do it here. If you would be an asshat to another person face to face, you probably shouldn’t be here.

Asshattery will result in anything from a warning to being blocked and anything inbetween depending on the nature, frequency and severity of the asshattiness.

Abuse or asshattery can be sent to arstone dot author at gmail dot com

Thanks, enjoy and please play nice.



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