Flash Fiction Challenge – Ultra Short Fiction

The more I read very short works of fiction, the more I like them. Janet Reid offers challenges to write a story no longer than 100 words which require the writer to use five words she selects. Daily Science Fiction is an online magazine of short stories with a large collection of pieces in the 100-500 word range. And what writer isn’t inspired by, or at least impressed with the six-word story attributed, possibly incorrectly, to Ernest Hemmingway?

For me, these ultra-short works are often thought provoking, and provide inspiration and ideas. Ultra-short works also force the writer to generate prose that is very tight. A skill, as you see, I need to hone.

Your challenge today is to write a piece of ultra-short fiction.

200 words or less, any genre, any theme, any topic

Post your story in the comments below; enter as often as you wish, no purchase required, regular contest rules apply.

Entries due by 5:00 P.M. EST on Friday 9/26.

That’s it. real simple.

Go forth and flash!

(Blog author will not be responsible for public acts of lewdness comitted by anyone misconstruing the above statement)


2 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge – Ultra Short Fiction

  1. Anna opened her eyes. Beside her ear, a chain clinked. Pain in her wrist turned her head. Anchored to a heating pipe, the muscles in her arm were pulling against the bonds. She forced herself to relax but she couldn’t stop it.
    The others had left her there to die. Even Topi. He had said he always be with her. He lied. She gritted her teeth. She’d show him what happened to liars. It made her so…
    With both feet against the pipe, she pulled. Tears blurred her vision. Every thought filled her with anger. No. Not anger. Rage. Her veins were filled with poison and the Rage would use her to kill her own friends.
    Keep calm. The words became rhythmic, chanting in time with each tug against that forsaken pipe. In time with each kick. Screaming it. Keep calm. Keep. Calm. KEEP. CALM!
    “I’m okay,” she whispered, wrapping one hand around the other. “And I will find you.”
    The snap of her fingers sounded like gunfire. She couldn’t fight it. Her hand slipped free, the bones mangled. Pain didn’t matter; she wouldn’t need both to choke the life from that traitor. She stood.
    “I’m coming, Topi,” she whispered.

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  2. “Will they be looking for you ?” he wondered.

    The load, wrapped in tattered cloths that he’d hastily grabbed, felt heavier with each step; yet Renn the Jackal struggled on. A few more steps and Francesco’s wide girth would finally rest upon the dirt. It was a long way up to that abandoned shack, but there was no better place to hide the Italian. With a last desperate growl he pushed the rickety door with his shoulder and heaved with all the strength he could muster. With a terrible thud, Francesco’s sturdy body connected with the wet ground, rolling around itself before stopping on the shack’s far wall.

    “You are safe here for now,” he chuckled, and a terrible gurgle was Francesco’s only answer. Renn was quite content to have made it up to this point without any incident. He’d need to revisit his victim later on and find out more about the treasure hidden within. He’d only taken a little taste of the sweet crimson nectar, and soon he’d crave for more. He knew he ought to stay away from this shack for a while; until the news concerning the disappearance of this cask of red wine were forgotten.

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