An Exciting New Opportunity!

I am pleased to announce that I have entered into an agreement with GravTech Games, LLC to provide content, world building, and other creative story-telling services as needed for GravTech’s science fiction based, psychological thriller video game, NORA.

After speaking with representatives of the start-up video game design company I was impressed with their commitment to originality, out-of-the-box thinking, and, most of all, their belief that the story driven video games they produce should be held to the same standards of consistency, continuity and believability as works of written science fiction.

“We didn’t want to produce a game that may have a good story, but the story breaks down because all of a sudden Average Joe has to kill a hundred people so the player can win the game.” Said Brandon Carboni, co-owner of GravTech Games who added, “Every action a character performs will be a choice that the player will have to make and will be consistent with the personality and abilities of the character as well as the laws of the universe the game is set in.”

Twitter: @GravTechGames



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