Challenges, Prompts, Contests and Questions

I read at least two blogs every day. If I only read two on a particular day they are Terribleminds and Janet Reid.

Part of the reason I like those two blogs in particular, is they invite me in. They ask for participation in a way that is usually fun and often challenging.

There is a sense of community within those blogs that I enjoy. The discussions and comments become a virtual office water cooler of sorts we can gather around to exchange tidbits of information and helpful hints, express views and opinions, and, my favorite part, write creatively.

That type of forum is exactly what I referred to on my home page when I mentioned the community I want to develop here.

Looking ahead, expect to see writing challenges, prompts, and contests posted here. Consider it your chance to create and throw your own written pebble, stone or boulder and another way to showcase your work.

From time to time I’m planning on offering questions for general discussion as well knowing that many people will find the exchange of ideas, information, tips and tricks to be helpful.

I look forward to enjoying what you have to write, and, to say.



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