A.R. Stone – An Honest Liar

In his younger days, James “The Amazing” Randi was an accomplished magician and escape artist. He opened his shows saying (allow me to paraphrase), that the magic he performed were illusions, deceits, cheats, and lies but because he admitted these truths, he was an honest liar.

What better moniker for a fiction writer than “an honest liar”?

Fiction writers craft stories that are not true. They are “historical”, “speculative” or [insert your adjective of choice here], fiction and therefore, lies.

When I write fiction, I’m lying to you, and if I did my job well, you love it.

I do have another lie or two to share with you so I can properly call myself an honest liar in the “Amazing Randi” tradition.

A.R. Stone is not my real name. If you don’t like the fact that I use a pen name, well, too bad. That’s just the way it is. I’m a person who uses an assumed name to protect the private life my family and I enjoy.

I understand that people want to get to know a writer. I have no problem with you getting to know me. I want to get to know you too. When you comment on my posts, I don’t expect that you sign your real name. In my experience, not many people do if for no other reason than basic internet safety.

The opinions I offer are my real personal opinions; the opinions of the human who writes as A.R. Stone. When I mention my family, dogs, movies I went to, books I read, friends I spent time with or any other real-life events, what I write is true.

Pretty much anything not labeled as “(F)fiction” is true, well, at least true the way I see it.

Personal information such as names, dates of birth, etc … will be changed to protect the innocent, and, the guilty.

If you’re still here after all that, thanks for staying and enjoy the ride. I’m looking forward to having fun and building a community here where people feel free and empowered to express themselves. Just don’t be an asshat. See the comment moderation policy for more details on what constitutes asshattery.

Yes, I just made that word up. Why didn’t the spell checker flag the word? *runs to google* Ok, I didn’t make it up. Another lie but I’m telling you I’m lying! See how honest I am?

As a final note, “An Honest Liar” is the name of a documentary about The Amazing Randi, which is available on Netflix and is well worth watching. True opinion.



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